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Wokrspace Resource Pack
Dear Sir or Madam
This is your Workspace HTML Resource Pack. Contained within this are links to information that will help you to find out more about Workspace; including case studies, press releases, media articles, video interviews and brochures.

  Case Studies   Latest News  
Please see below client case studies which will help you gain an understanding of how other organisations have deployed Workspace and the benefits they have achieved. Click on the logos to download a pdf case study.
Triangle Architects Trevor Lahiff Architects
users: 20; sites: 2
"Workspace makes us more profitable"
users: 15; sites: 1
"Communication has vastly improved"
David Dexter Reiach and Hall Architects
users: 20; sites: 2
"Workspace is an excellent driver to get organised"
users: 48; sites: 1
"As a solution to view all data sources, Workspace was unbeatable"


"We needed something that would help rationalise our practice management"

Orbit Architects

"Workspace will improve internal communications"

Unit Architects

"Workspace mini is the perfect fit for our business"
  Media Coverage   Further Information  
 Read reports in the Industry Press about how Workspace has delivered value to a range of practices, click on the logos to download the article.
iT Showcase Online  bd article
"In small business companies can suffer from inefficiencies and a lack of effective information sharing" "It is undoubtedly the case that in the modern practice, information re-use is a key asset"
Workspace Brochure Workspace Brochure
Download details of Workspace mini
Drawing Manager Drawing Manager
"Details of the Drawing Manager module"
Project Accounting Brochure Project Accounting Brochure
Overview Brochure
  Video Interviews  
Below are links to video interviews conducted with some of Union Square's clients. Click on the logos to hear their opinions on the drivers for implementing a Knowledge Management system, the importance of Enterprise Portals in the Professional Services Industry and their tips for implementing Workspace.
David Ward, Triangle Jim Rea, Grimshaw
David Ward, Director
Triangle Architects
users: 20; sites: 2
Jim Rea, IT Consultant
users: 200; sites: 1

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